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We have been serving Holy Spirit committees (Irmandades do Espirito Santo) for over 40 years!

Do you have a Dominga? Handing out Pensaos? We have everything you need! Whether you are having an intimate family Sopas or you are hosting a thousand of your closest friends and family in the salao - we have you covered. We know the correct cuts of meats and ingredients and just as important - we know the correct quantities you will need.

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We have been cutting Pensaos for over 40 years and it shows. Each of our Pensaos are hand cut and trimmed to the exact weight specified. Each one is seal wrapped in a foam container with purge diapers so that when your guests receive your Pensao they are receiving a fresh cut of sirloin and not a sloppy mess. We cater to all order sizes whether all you need is a handful of Esmolas or 800 Pensaos for a Holy Spirit Commitee, quality and consistency is our benchmark. 

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